Tim Paton – Trombone

Jnr Bandsman Paton 1967Tim’s first ever performance was at the age of two, shaking bells with his Dad’s harmonica band in a Christmas Concert at the Odeon in Weston super Mare.

He began piano lessons when he was eight. When Tim was ten he wanted to be a pop star, so he cobbled together a drum kit and formed a group with some friends. A year later he did something more sensible, joining the Weston Youth Orchestra playing timpani.

In 1966 Tim joined the Wessex Brigade as a junior bandsman, where he started learning the trombone. Two years later he went to the Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall, then, after another year with his regimental band, (Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment), he left the army to pursue a civilian career.

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Frank Green – Trombone

0013 Frank started his musical career playing the cornet at school, from the tender age of 12. He joined the school band and Farnworth brass band. In 1968 he joined the Junior Musicians Troop at Woolwich, London and switched from cornet to the trombone. He went to Knellar Hall - the royal military school of music, and then returned to Woolwich to play bass trombone in the main band. He left in 1976 and took a break from playing, until picking up the trombone again and joining his local brass band in Radcliffe. Frank started volunteering with GMP about 12 years ago and now plays with the symphonic wind band and big band.