In the summer-time…

...when the weather is typically Mancunian!

Hope you are enjoying this lovely British summer: sunshine, rain, wind and all!

Over the summer weeks, the GMP band volunteers have a bit of a break from rehearsals and gigs. Well, we say a break, but there are always a few gigs that we manage to squeeze in, because we just can't resist them.

Some of us go on holiday with families and friends, some take the opportunity to do gardening and DIY, and some even manage to get in a spot of performing with *gasp* other bands!

This summer there have been a few new additions to the GMP band family too, as some of our players have welcomed the arrival of new children. Future musicians in the making!

Rehearsals for the wind band and big band start up again in a couple of weeks, and the preparations start for the autumn/winter busy season. There are lots of new dates being added to the calendar on our website, so be sure to have a look and see if we're performing near you. You can also keep up to date with us on Twitter and Facebook - do please follow and like us.

If you're thinking about booking one of our bands for your event, please get in touch with our manager Barry (details on the contact page)