George Pinnington – bass clarinet and vocals

George is something of a legend within GMP band: without him we might not be in existence today, celebrating 140 years of music!

An experienced singer, saxophonist and clarinettist, George is most at home fronting our big band. He's often found singing classics from the greats such as Matt Monroe, Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra in his own, inimitable style. He also plays bass clarinet with our wind band, and sometimes joins the saxophone quartet on baritone sax.

He was a service police officer for over 30 years, working in three different forces and ending his career with Greater Manchester Police. Much of his service was spent as a member of various traffic units as an advanced driver and motorcyclist.

George took a break from policing for a few years, pursuing his love of music and becoming a professional entertainer - he adopted the stage name 'Steve Lee' and was lead singer and harmonica player with the Steve Lee Show Band. He toured extensively throughout the British Isles and beyond. From Thurso in northern Scotland to

Southampton, and in prestigious venues in Greece, Germany, Italy and Turkey - as far as Adana near the Syrian Border. He worked with many well-known names en route and he has many tales to tell from his time as a pro!

When George rejoined GMP, he became involved with the band, which at that time was a full-time ensemble made up of serving officers. He would sing with the Big Band, and when he eventually passed the audition, became a full time player on clarinet.

The band was disbanded in the early 1970s, but George and several of his friends and colleagues rescued it a few years later, bringing it back as a voluntary ensemble.