Band Members

Here are GMP Band's volunteers - together they give over 11,000 hours a year of their spare time to help make a difference in communities through music. 

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Alexander Webb


Barry Frost, Band Manager
Barry Frost, Band Manager and Saxophone

Woodwind Section

Kirsty Perry - Oboe
Lisa Howarth - Clarinet and saxophone
Ian Dawkins - Alto Saxophone
Steve Barlow - Clarinet
Stuart Girvan - Flute
Max Benn - Clarinet
Imogen Rees - Clarinet
Emma Morley - Flute
Craig Hunter - Clarinet
George Pinnington - Bass Clarinet and Vocals
Derek Parnell - Bassoon
Helena has been a volunteer with the band since 2009. She sings lead and backing vocals with the Big Band, plays baritone sax with the quartet and wind band, and a bit of both with the jazz ensemble. Helena has played sax since high school, and has a wide range of musical experience from function bands to orchestral playing. Not one to shy away from the limelight, Helena loves being up on stage performing, especially when the audience dances and sings along!
Helena Hornby - Saxophone & Vocals

Brass Section

David Collier - Tuba
Charlie Copestake - Tuba
Val Copestake - Euphonium
Mike Scoffin - Euphonium
Mike Thomas - French Horn
Sarah Kent - French Horn and backing vocals
Tim Paton - Trombone
David Kent - Trombone
Christopher Verey - Euphonium
Chris Wilkinson - Trumpet
Bernard Tupman - Trumpet
John Swales - Trumpet
Michael Turner - Trumpet
Martin Howarth - Trumpet
Phil Boardman - Conductor and Tuba/Euphonium
Jack Sindall - French Horn

Percussion and Rhythm Section

Simon Rogers - Drums
Holly Raynor - Percussion
Jon Kenna - Percussion
Carol Jason - Bass Guitar and vocals
Angela Perkins - Keyboard


Andy Fenton - Vocals
Clare Prior - Backing Vocals
Carol Rogers - Backing Vocals


Sean Perkins - Vocals